• ‘Seal the Deal’ – Creating YOUR Unique Sales Process

“Do you think you SHOULD be closing more sales than you currently DO? Perhaps having a better understanding of what components go into an effective sales process can help. In this workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your ‘elevator pitch’ and create one that fits YOUR business and personality. We’ll explore what is unique about YOU that you can lead with. You’ll also understand the concept of demonstrating value by asking great questions of a prospect. At the end of the day, you’ll create your own unique sales process which you can begin to implement with your next prospect conversation!”

  • ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’ – Get A Better Return for the Time & Money You Invest

“How many times have you heard the phrase – ‘It isn’t what you know, it’s WHO you know’? In this 1-day workshop, you’ll learn WHY making connections and building relationships is so very important to building and sustaining a business. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself and lead with your ‘why’, you’ll explore the concept of strategic partnerships and understand how YOU can nurture truly productive referral relationships. You’ll also work through a planning tool that helps you critically evaluate the networks you’re involved with and identify which ones work for you and which ones don’t in order to maximise your time and money investment.”

  • “Keys to Successful Marketing’ – Don’t Be the Best-Kept-Secret in Your Market

“Do you sometimes feel as if you’re easy prey for the media marketing salespeople of the world because you don’t really know WHAT to do to get more people through the door? Stop wasting your time and money on marketing! In this 1-day intensive, you’ll understand why relying on ‘word of mouth’ alone isn’t a sustainable marketing strategy. You’ll learn about the Pillars of Marketing and how you can choose which marketing channels might be right for YOUR business. At the end of the day, you’ll create your own marketing activity plan that you can implement straight away.”

  • ‘Business Planning 101′ – Create a Simple Business Plan That You Can Actually Follow

“Does the term ‘business plan’ scare you? Do you think of a 100-page ‘book’ that you’ll write once and then never look at again? In THIS workshop, we’ll dive into what the basic components of a truly USABLE business plan are. You’ll learn how to do a bit of market analysis, understand your revenue streams, conduct a SWOT and identify where you sit in relation to your main competitors. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a basic business plan and ‘roadmap’ for your business future!”

  • ‘A Winning Team’ – Be the Kind of Leader Your People will WANT To Follow

“Do you lead a team in your business and wonder sometimes how to get even better results from them? Do you sometimes feel as if you’re leading, but nobody’s following? During this 1-day workshop, you’ll understand why leadership isn’t simply about delegating or holding weekly team meetings. Rather, it’s about cultivating the mind-set of a leader, understanding what motivates people, having a clear communication strategy within your team, understanding where your team members are ‘coming from’ and learning how to inspire them to WANT to follow.”

  • ‘Financials Are Your Friend’ – Learn What To Track, Why and How Often

“Often, ‘knowing your numbers’ is the least sexy thing about owning and running a business. Many people-oriented business owners don’t want to invest time in understanding what their accountant hands back to them at the end of each financial year. Are YOU clueless when it comes to interpreting your numbers? Then, you need this workshop. During the session, you’ll learn how to look at and understand what a Profit & Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Forecast are. We’ll even go a step further and help you work with YOUR actual numbers to calculate SIMPLE ratios that can help you understand whether your business is in a healthy position or not and some ideas for how you can improve.”

  • ‘Public Speaking Business Basics’ – Learn to put those presenting fears aside

“Do your palms sweat every time you think about having to stand up in front of any size group and talk about what you do? In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics to controlling your particular type of anxiety around speaking AND receive tools and practical tips that you can implement immediately to help you be more in control and get your message across with impact.”


Venus –  Mindfulness

Developing your personal mission vision and purpose in life and in business – in this workshop you will learn ways to help yourself think more positively and manage the process of mindfulness. Are your values in line with your life and business, do you have positive belief systems, know how to manage the conscious and unconscious mind? This may be the workshop that will get you on track!

Venus  – Money and Goals

Not quite making it on the money side of things? Too much month left over at the end of your money? Tax bills a problem? Dealing with bills wind you up? This workshop will give you tools around setting realistic goals around money, how our beliefs affect our relationship with money and how we can make that work for ourselves and our businesses.

Venus – Harness your Business Energy

 Running a business and you’re exhausted, never enough time to get everything done? Get up and go got up and gone? Simple goal setting for business and life – this workshop will look at managing fears vs emotion and help you develop the right energy for yourself and your business.

Venus – Mastermind Planning

You are the CEO of your own life – what do you want? How do you want it to look and feel? This workshop will work on your personal values, setting realistic goals and habits to support you, what you want to achieve, and work out your roadmap to get there. It’s  all about putting together a manual for you and your life moving forward. Something you review each day to keep yourself on track. By reviewing your roadmap regularly you’ll stay on track and achieve, achieve, achieve!

Venus –  100 day goal setting and achieving workshop

Need some help to achieve a goal? Want to make sure you get there? Want to make that commitment ‘out loud’ and have others keep on track? Want an ‘accountability buddy’ Jump on board – this workshop will make a difference to your life and your business, it will keep you honest, on track an make sure you succeed!

Venus – Personal Branding

You may have heard the term “Personal Brand” but what is it really? Personal branding is the process of creating a specific image of yourself in relation to your business in the mind of your ideal client. The human brain makes decisions based on memory and emotion. Packaging together all of your natural skills and talents, with a consistent message, consistent personal look, familiar brand voice and instantly recognised style, makes it so much easier to promote yourself and your business. This workshop will run you through the basics of Personal Branding; you’ll leave it feeling more confident and with a definite idea of how you want to represent yourself and your business.