Commitment and Confidentiality 

In order to gain the maximum benefit from being part of a Venus Training Academy Programme we ask you commit to:

  • Be present at each meeting.
    This means being ready to participate at the appointed meeting start time and full present during and attending the entire meeting.
  • Maintain professional courtesy to your fellow Team members.
    Keep confidential all discussions and business information that may be disclosed within the meetings.
  • Invest time in relationships with your team members.
    You are expected to participate in a Pal Call between meetings for the purpose of supporting each other in understanding and internalising the learning points for that module along with getting to know another member.
  • Take agreed action.
    Only by fully participating in this programme will you see maximum results in your life and business. This means participating in meeting discussions, completing your Buddy Call and completing your Homework items prior to the following meeting.
  • Maintaining your financial commitment.
    This programme is an investment in your future and that of yourself and your business.

As a representative of Venus Group Ltd, your Team Leader is committed to supporting you by:

  • Honouring your time and commitment

Facilitating the programme as designed and within the designated 2-hour meeting time frame.

  • Being prepared for each meeting

Attending the Module Training Session provided by the Business Team Managers each month.

  • Bringing their full attention and facilitation skills to the table

To ensure you understand the material and can take effective action with your homework assignments your team leader will be fully present and intentional for you to get the greatest benefit during each meeting.

  • Being available to you for questions via your secret Facebook Page, at least twice a week.

Both parties are responsible for:

  1. Being 100% in Integrity – honesty and honouring our word.
  2. Taking 100% Responsibility – ownership of all thoughts, feelings, actions and impact.
  3. Being open to growth – having a growth mind-set