Who are these programmes for?

  • Women looking to focus your time and resources to gain more freedom
  • Women unsure how to take your business to the next stage of growth
  • Women wanting to journey with other women to brainstorm, share best practices and learn from
  • Women  committed to becoming the best version of yourself while making a big difference in the world

How long are the programmes?

Each of our programmes runs for six months kicking off with a live interactive training day, followed by ten training modules. Some of our modules are run live in cities around New Zealand and some are run online – making them available to women anywhere in NZ.

What is included in my programme ?

• A 75 minute fortnightly facilitated training session
• A 60 minute fortnightly online group coaching session
• An private online Facebook group allowing you to connect with, be supported by and share with your team
• Email access to your trainer
• 10 business modules equipping and empowering you
• A comprehensive training workbook filled with strategies, tools and resources

Why join a programme?


You’ll work on your business, creating systems in 12 areas to build solid foundations
= create more freedom for yourself
= increase the quality and professionalism on your business
= maximise your business opportunities


As the driving force behind your business your mind set, beliefs, focus and thoughts have the greatest impact on the success of your business. You’ll raise your awareness of yourself.
= Feel happier and have healthier relationships
= Clarity about what you want


Learn how to plan your day, month, create a business map for your year. Success is about clarity on the right actions to take and accountability to support you in doing the important things.
= Achieve more in less time
= Increase your profits


Your inner circle of support. Be guided and supported by an experienced business mentor along with those members of your team. You’ll get to look for your blind spots that could be limiting your success, receive feedback and brainstorm.
= confidence to carry through on your ideas
= feel supported as a business owner

How do I join a programme ?

Please complete an expression of interest form here.

Got questions ?

Please contact Carolyn Banks our Academy Manager to discuss any questions and see which programme best suits you.  Email Carolyn m:: 021 851 945