Next Level Programme for Established Businesses

How to Scale, Grow and Lead Your Business the Right Way

This exciting new Business Growth Accelerator Programme is designed for established businesses who have reached a solid level of success and now want to scale and grow further. This is a next level programme and would suit those with six figure turnover and more, to support growth and expansion for your business.

As your business grows, it can present challenges. You may have a good number of clients, consistent cashflow, and in growth mode, and are working really hard to build your business. But as you scale, it can be challenging when money coming in can seem like it goes out twice as fast, there doesn’t seem to be much in the bank account at the end of the month, you may be working long hours for the money you’re paying yourself, you’re stretched too thin trying to keep up with demand, and may be just focused on getting through the week. You may have staff or outsource work, but it can feel like managing them is taking up too much time, you know you should delegate more, but it feels like there’s no time, and it’s not easy taking time off. The business might still rely on you, and you need time to do the key things you know you need to, so the business can run smoothly without you.

You know things need to change if you want to grow further, and are ready to learn ‘what’ to do and ‘how’ to do it to reach the level of success you deserve.

The Business Growth Accelerator Programme is for those who are ready to commit to their business, and get results! This is for action takers who want to proactively grow their business and transform their results during the next 6 – 12 months. Membership is by application only, to allow for limited numbers and high level of support.


MODULE 1 – The Power of Planning Why it’s ‘planning before doing’, the dangers of the status quo, identify your ‘money makers’, what the most successful businesses do, set your SMART goals for the next 12 months and create your own 90 day action plan to get faster results.

MODULE 2 – The Systems for Success How to simplify your business and reduce your working hours, 3 key steps to automate and save time, change your mindset and lead your team to transform your business, find out what’s slowing you down and how it’s costing your business, learn the practical strategies to streamline what you do to scale and grow.
MODULE 3 – Mastering the Art of Marketing What is marketing, key mistakes that are costing you time and money, not all clients are created equal, stop spending and start being strategic, how to get quick ‘wins’ and attract ‘A’ and ‘B’ type clients. Also why you need online and offline marketing, and how to do both, plus we give you a dynamic 12 month marketing plan template to help you get it done!
MODULE 4 – The Secret to Sales Sales, the fastest way to transform your business, why mindset equals success, stop underselling yourself and build confidence, personality types and one size doesn’t fit all, how to package up your products/services and make it easy for clients to buy from you, find out where you’re losing business and how to stop leaking profit, how to convert more clients, and the best follow up system to win more sales, and build long term clients.
MODULE 5 – Leadership and Staff The difference between a leader and manager and why you need to be both, understanding your staff and how to motivate them to grow your business, identify your own leadership style and where your gaps are, how to manage outsourcing to save time, steps to improve your staff performance and get more done, what ‘must’ happen to grow your business.
MODULE 6 – Leadership and Time Time is the new currency and practical tools to stop wasting time and beat procrastination, how to develop a great company culture and why this matters to clients, stop the guilt and create a work/life balance that’s the right fit for you, steps to turn time into profit, and ‘who’ do you need to become to lead your business to the next level.


  • 6 x full day workshop each month
  • Highly interactive, premium learning, supportive, and results oriented
  • 6 x online group coaching sessions for further guidance and support
  • 6 x practical pre-work for each module to help you fast track implementation
  • 6 x Bonuses for each module, exclusive content to add more value to your business.


Please contact our Academy Manager for programme pricing.  All of our programmes are for six months. You can choose to either pay up front or in six installments by direct debit. As you receive all our programme content at the start of your programme we have a no refund policy should you need to leave the programme early.