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Mandy Beverley is a Facilitator, Consultant and Speaker on human behaviour and human potential.

As founder of the Remarkable Group she provides a unique specialised service of mentoring for individuals and groups to transform their thinking and awareness. This brings clarity and certainty to seemingly big challenges, helping her clients to master and live more remarkable lives.

Mandy is a former Registered Nurse and specialised in Operating Theatre. She later worked as an international flight attendant before moving to Hong Kong for many years. She has been training through the Concourse of Wisdom and the Demartini Institute since 2008 and is qualified as a Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator.

She has developed the MindSpa Model which is all about changing the way we address our fears and challenges, as we prioritise revitalising our minds. She also teaches an advanced method of transformation at her Art & Science of Being Human workshops.

Mandy is married to her husband Dean of 29 years. She has 3 daughters now in their 20’s and loves a glass of chardonnay (or 2.)  She will tolerate aerobatics when her husband occasionally takes her flying and decides to surprise her with some ‘fun’ aircraft manoeuvres.  Her ‘favourite’ if she has to pick, is a barrel roll!


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