‘Seal the Deal’ – Creating YOUR Unique Sales Process

Does ‘sales’ feel like a dirty word? Or do you struggle to seal the deal? Too often we ‘wing it’ when it comes to the sales bit of the business. We quickly share one aspect of how we can help without slao sharing the 5 ADDITIONAL benefits of working with us. We shy away from helping prospects take that next step because we’re not sure how to make it a no-brainer for them. We’re inconsistent and it shows up in our turnover – nobody loves riding the turnover rollercoaster!

Having a better understanding of what makes an ethical and effective sales process can help. That’s why we’ve put together this 3-hour virtual workshop to help you:

  • Write or refresh your ‘elevator pitch’ so that it fits YOUR business and personality
  • Learn ways to effectively transition a conversation from social to business, without the cheese
  • Discuss what is unique about YOU that you can leverage into more sales
  • Understand the concept of demonstrating your value by asking great questions of a prospect
  • Learn how to sell by ‘not selling’
  • Create your own unique sales process which you and your team can begin to implement with your next prospect conversation

Our attendees have had great success after attending this workshop.

Here’s what Kylie accomplished: “Because of this workshop, I now have an actual sales process in place that has helped me CLOSE a new client within a week of implementation.” Jeanette said: “Understanding the various buyer roles was interesting. Actually the whole workshop was! Thank you!”

Here’s what Denise Newton of Ikonik accomplished: “At first, I wasn’t convinced that the ‘Seal the Deal’ workshop would be appropriate for me. Fortunately, I ran into a colleague who had attended it and reassured me that “YES” it was for everyone! And where do I start with what I took away?! First, I really appreciated the exercise around finding my true or authentic ‘why’ – not the generalised reason I do things. I also learned about how to better value the services I provide to my clients. And finally, I loved the ‘sneak peak’ we got into the DISC behavioural styles model.  I enjoyed the webinar format as well  – it’s so nice to be able to log in from anywhere, and we had great interaction with our Coach.”

Here’s what Britta Hollmann of Think Forward accomplished: “After completing a previous Venus Academy workshop, I was keen to attend ‘Seal the Deal’, as I knew I could rely on receiving more great content.  It was a great reminder that I need to focus on more than just 1 area in my sales process and highlighted the areas I need to do a bit more work on. Best of all, I now have several tools to help me do just that!”

View Jen Myer’s introduction to this course here…

VA Virtual – Seal The Deal from Venus Network on Vimeo.

‘Find Your Voice’ 

These workshops are targeted at women who want to develop confidence in communication and presenting. None of us like being in front of the room or the camera but increasingly these skills are essential to growing your business. Whether it’s one on one, presenting or running workshops, doing social media posts or webinars, you’ll learn and develop your presenting skills and style so you can become an authentic, confident, engaging and memorable speaker.

This workshop is divided into two 1-day sessions – you can choose to only take 1 or you can take them both.

Session #1 focuses on YOU as a speaker and explores some of the following concepts:

  • The power of our mindset and beliefs
  • Pre-presentation preparation and success strategies
  • Common causes of anxiety
  • Identifying your style as a presenter
  • Specific communication tips around body language, your voice, etc.

Session #2 focuses on helping you construct an impactful presentation that your audience will remember. It is comprehensive and covers topics like:

The goal of the session is to provide you with techniques and tricks of the trade in order for you to rock as a presenter.

  • The different ways people learn
  • Success strategies to use on the day of your talk
  • Tools to help you craft your message
  • Tips to create powerful visual aids
  • Analysing your audience
  • Crafting meaningful stories

The goal of this session is to help you construct a talk like the pros! Engaging, cohesive, thought-provoking and ultimately packed with value.

Colleen had this to say about the ‘Find Your Voice’ workshops: “I knew I could grow my business if by running workshops and seminars, but I’ve actually been too scared to do a proper  presentation to an audience of more than 2 people before. I was really sceptical about whether the workshop could help someone like me gain the confidence to go for it. With the strategies I’ve learned in this workshop along with the tools I can now use to build a really good presentation, I’m ready!  Bring on the seminars!”

‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’ – Get A Better Return for the Time & Money You Invest

How many times have you heard the phrase – ‘It isn’t what you know, it’s WHO you know’? We used to hear it HEAPS but always wondered “So, how do we GET TO KNOW the right people?”
In this 1-day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why making connections and building relationships is so very important to building and sustaining a business
  • You can never have enough people who know, like and trust you
  • How to introduce yourself and lead with your ‘why’
  • Stop freezing and reverting to your ‘same old, same old’ boring introduction when someone asks what you do!
  • The concept of strategic partnerships and how YOU can nurture truly productive referral relationships
  • Understand the 4 levels of relationships and where you need to be investing the most time
  • A planning tool that helps you critically evaluate the networks you’re involved with in order to identify which ones work for you and which ones don’t maximise your time and money investment.

I appreciate the focus and structure of the workshop. The material helped me to consider ideas and tools that I wouldn’t have explored on my own. This has been really worthwhile.” RACHEL

‘Keys to Successful Marketing’ – Don’t Be the Best-Kept-Secret in Your Market

“Do you sometimes feel as if you’re easy prey for the media marketing salespeople of the world because you don’t really know WHAT to do to get more people through the door? Stop wasting your time and money on marketing!
In this 1-day intensive, you’ll understand:

  • Why relying on ‘word of mouth’ alone isn’t a sustainable marketing strategy – this has been an eye-opener for many of our attendees
  • Why neglecting other forms of marketing is a rookie mistake and how it can be easily addressed for little to no money if necessary – the internet is a wonderful thing for marketing on a shoestring!
  • Exactly WHO your ideal target prospect is and how to go about reaching them – most of our attendees have never invested the time to really think about who it is they WANT to work with
  • The 4 Pillars of Marketing and how you can choose which marketing channels might be right for YOUR business
  • Create your own marketing activity plan that you can begin implementing straight away

You’ll walk away with a plan of action so that you can feel more in control of the marketing side of your business.

Here’s what Laura had to say about the workshop: “I got a lot out of it! Using the marketing activity plan, I expanded it further so that I have my 4 pillars covered and have created a framework for a heap of free and gated content for our website visitors and clients. It’s really exciting! It was SO beneficial and Thank you!” – Laura

“While I was looking forward to attending the ‘Keys to Successful Marketing’ webinar, I DID think twice about cost (as most small businesses would); however, I took the plunge and I have to say – I think the course is very well-priced and great value for money. The thing I found most helpful were the ‘market segmentation’ exercises we completed, as the questions really got me thinking about my desired target market! I would absolutely recommend this course to others! I found the webinar format very personal and interactive, AND I could do it in my own space with no travel time involved.”    Britta Hollmann – Think Forward 

View Jen Myer’s introduction to this course here…

VA Virtual – Keys to Successful Marketing from Venus Network.

‘Business Planning 101′ – Create a Simple Business Plan That You Can Actually Follow

Do you know you really SHOULD write a business plan but can’t wrap your head around WHY it’s important? You’re probably thinking that you’ll need to write a 100-page ‘book’ that will end up getting stashed in a drawer and never looked at again. Well, we’re here to tell you that a business plan IS important and that writing it can be (perhaps you should sit down) fun!

Your business plan is your ROADMAP in business. It outlines where you’ve said you want to take your business and how you plan to get there. After all, how silly is it to strike out on any journey if you don’t have a destination OR a route in mind? Yet too many business owners do just that!

In our 3-hour virtual workshop, your Coach will dive into what makes an effective business plan that actually becomes a tool you can use regularly to keep your business on track. The session is full-on and fast-paced and covers topics like these:

  • How to do a bit of market analysis
  • Learn where you sit in relation to your main competitors and what sets you apart
  • How to understand your revenue streams
  • Diversifying your sources of income is important, as is understanding where to place your sales efforts
  • How a SWOT can help you identify opportunities
  • Know where to focus your attention for growth as well as to protect your business from the ‘what ifs’
  • How to look at your financial statements and gain a basic understand of how they can help you manage your business
  • We’ll dive into understanding basic profitability ratios and look at tips for improving your bottom line
  • Walk away with a basic business plan and ‘roadmap’ for your business future!

You’ll connect with others around the country who are working through the same process, so you’ll hear best practice tips and ideas from others in the session with you. You’ll be able to share challenges and solicit input from the group. You’ll reflect on your goals and purpose and ultimately  walk away with a basic business plan, goals and a ‘roadmap’ for your business future that you can continue to reference and build on! 

Brenda said: “I thought I knew who my target market was but THIS  has really helped me to understand that I need to get more specific in order to be more successful.”  And Paula said: “This workshop was SO good. It was a great wake-up call for me to really go back to some of the basics that I’ve gotten away from like regular SWOTs. Thank you for reminding me!”

View Jen Myer’s introduction to this course here…

VA Virtual – Business Planning 101 from Venus Network.

‘Financials Are Your Friend’ – Learn What To Track, Why and How Often

“Often, ‘knowing your numbers’ is the least sexy thing about owning and running a business. Many people-oriented business owners don’t want to invest time in understanding what their accountant hands back to them at the end of each financial year. Are YOU clueless when it comes to interpreting your numbers? Then, you need this workshop. During the session, you’ll learn how to look at and understand what a Profit & Loss Statement, a Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Forecast are. We’ll even go a step further and help you work with YOUR actual numbers to calculate SIMPLE ratios that can help you understand whether your business is in a healthy position or not and some ideas for how you can improve.”

‘Venus Academy Success Mindset’

Need some help to achieve a goal? Want to make sure you get there? Want to make that commitment ‘out loud’ and have others keep on track? Want an ‘accountability buddy’ Jump on board – this workshop will make a difference to your life and your business, it will keep you honest, on track an make sure you succeed!

A success Mindset is the most powerful asset you can have in your business. It helps you stay focused on growth, especially in challenging times. Act upon the opportunities presented to you, without hesitation, procrastination and fear.

If you want to increase your confidence, upgrade your prosperity mindset, and expand your vision, then Success Mindset is a tool to help you unlock your potential. You can have all the strategy in the world, but if you don’t implement things because you are constantly doubting yourself and feel you are not good enough or deserving enough of the success you want, nothing changes.

Support your business and personal your life by investing in you, your success mindset.

Increase your impact by understanding yourself and others…. DISC Communication Insights

Did you know that over 80% of disagreements and mis-communication are caused by the people involved simply having different personality styles? We humans are pretty egocentric beings. We like to think it’s the OTHER person’s problem when a miscommunication  happens. In reality, we don’t know what we don’t know. And when we LEARN that we can and should adjust how we communicate based on our personality strengths and challenges, we become SO much more effective. The key to harmonious teams, higher sales and better productivity is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. As a matter of fact, we like to think it’s the ‘secret sauce’ of a successful life! The DISC behavioural styles framework is a really effective way to understand not only our own styles but also where others are coming from. This allows us to communicate more effectively. With a greater understanding of yourself and of others, you can leverage the right strategies for great relationships.

Throughout this 3-hour virtual workshop, you will:

  • Explore the 4 main behavioural styles – Dominant, Inspiring, Steady and Compliant
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each style – learn what each one fears most and what question they need you to answer for them
  • Work through a few simple case studies to help you identify these styles in others by learning to pick up ‘clues’ in their body language, dress and behaviour
  • Discuss how to relate to those styles that are not similar to your own in order to communicate more effectively and increase your impact and influence.

“I attended the ‘Increase Your Impact’ workshop because I wanted to learn more about myself and how to communicate better with others. It has taught me more about myself, and I can see that it will be very useful in dealing with both colleagues, and clients who are a mixture of types, including ‘Ds’ which I have historically struggled to connect with – until NOW! 
This workshop would be useful for people in all types of business because we’re constantly dealing with different personality styles and, rather than feel like we are talking at cross-purposes, we can hopefully begin to have more meaningful interaction. It also provides good insight into one’s own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communication!” – Trudi Vossen, Stewart Group

“I have done similar personality work – Myers Briggs, Enneagram etc – and  wondered if this workshop content was going to be too similar; however, I found that this particular training could apply to and benefit ALL areas of my business. I could see it having a positive impact on how I deal with clients, partners and suppliers. By having a more in-depth understanding of firstly how to communicate with someone to make them feel comfortable (and open up), and secondly how to understand and articulate their strengths, I’m in a better position to more accurately capture who they are and what makes them awesome. This information enables me to do a better job of telling their brand story! I would recommend this workshop to others, if only to feel more comfortable and confident about your own strengths and challenges (where you may need some support in business in particular). When you are able to step back and view an interaction with more objectivity around personality styles, you’re more likely to respond, rather than react.” – Monica Shepherd, Director – Mark My Words Ltd.

I wondered how relevant this course would be for me. Ultimately, I decided to give it a go after hearing others who had used DISC say that it was interesting and useful for THEM. After going through the session, I now have a much better understanding about what other people want out of interactions (by email or in person) based on how they communicate. I have also learned a lot about my own natural tendencies, which means I can improve how I word emails and hold conversations in order to get a better result. Thanks heaps for running the course! I got more out of it than I expected to and would definitely recommend it.” – Laurinda Sanders, Stewart & CoLtd

Marina has applied what learned already: “I’ve noticed an immediate difference in my relationship with my business partner. I now realise that my unwillingness to ask for help has a negative effect on our communication, which puts stress on our working relationship. This has really helped open my eyes to how I can adjust how I communicate and how I REACT to what others say.”